AFRO e-News (2022.01-12)

AFRO e-News (2022.01-12)

Sep 26, 2022

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AFRO Broadcasting Station: AFRO on AlipayHK Online Donation Platform

Ngong Ping 360 Tour

Future Activities: Celebrate Christmas with AFRO

Hong Kong Palace Museum Cultural Tour Returns!

AFRO News Reading:

Voices: Do we really need more proof that sex work should be decriminalised?


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Breach of Condition of Stay    Professional Training Workshop

Future Activities: "Enjoy the Fall Weather at Ngong Ping

Celebrate Christmas with AFRO

AFRO News Reading:

Spanish sex workers fight push against prostitution


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Monkeypox

AFRO's Activities

AFRO News Reading:

Eight transsexual men among 31 arrested in anti-prostitution and gambling raids


AFRO Broadcasting Station: New Cases of HIV Infection   Sky 100    Moon Rabbit -- Moon Cake Making Class

Future Activities: "Moon Appreciation -- Harmonious Pastel Workshop

Hong Kong Palace Museum Half Day Tour 2.0

AFRO News Reading:

Police raid 9 prostitution establishments in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, 45 arrested


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Walk with YOU -- Holistic Mental Support Services

"Sex Work Study Tour 2022"

Hong Kong Palace Museum Half-day Tour    Harmony Pastel Experience Workshop

HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair 2022     sky100

AFRO News Reading:

Woman adds 'sex work' as experience on LinkedIn, post goes viral


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Urgent Appeal -- We need your HELP!!!

One-Sex-Worker Apartments and the Massage Establishments Ordinance

Meeting the Crime Prevention Bureau    Visit Yau Tsim Mong DHC Express

AFRO@Hong Kong Palace Museum

AFRO News Reading:

5 Hong Kong sex workers contract HIV in past 10 months, concerned health officials investigate if clients have been infected too


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Remembering Mrs Anne Marden Dragon Boat Festival Rice Dumpling Sachet Ornament    Visit Yau Tsim Mong DHC Express

Knowing HIV/AIDS: Transmission and Prevention

Feature: Stress and Fear

AFRO News Reading:

India's sex workers win new rights, but still fear police violence


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Mother's Day Lucky Bag     Dragon Boat Festival Rice Dumpling Sachet Ornament     Feature: It's Not Bad to Be Single!

AFRO News Reading: The UK government is pushing sex workers offline and into danger


AFRO Broadcasting Station: AFRO Centre Reopens    Online Gathering

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AFRO Broadcasting Station: Online Sharing on Sex Work and Drugs

AFRO News Reading


AFRO Broadcasting Station: Be Flexible to Respond to Changes    DIY Lunar New Year Decoration

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AFRO Broadcasting Station: Use a Right Condom    Masked Christmas

Future Activities: Lunar New Year Decorations DIY Workshops   Lunar New Year Hike

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