AFRO e-News (2021.08)

AFRO e-News (2021.08)

Aug 18, 2021

AFRO Broadcasting Station

How to protect your privacy on social media?

Most of us have at least one social media account, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is indeed easy and convenient to get news from social platforms. However, we may at the same time overlook our privacy online.

Every time when we sign up for a social media account, we are asked to answer a number of questions, usually about links or authorisation to access our personal information, such as phone numbers, access to photos, etc. Sometimes we may just quickly press "Agree" or "Next" without reading the details carefully. Personal information in our mobile phones will then be exposed to cyber risks.

AFRO would like to remind fellow sisters that when signing up for a social media account, you must carefully pay attention to the following... (Read full text)

Work Report

Community Stakeholders' Consultation Meeting 2021 for the development of Recommended HIV/AIDS Strategies for Hong Kong

The consultation meeting for female sex workers and their male clients was successfully held on 13 July 2021. Thanks to fellow sisters for taking the time to come to the AFRO Centre to attend the online meeting. They were open to share their valuable opinions on the current situation in the sex work industry and the related HIV prevention work, and voted on the recommendations put forward by different groups to prioritise them. It is hope that the Advisory Council on AIDS can adopt and timely implement the recommendations, so as to effectively prevent the transmission of HIV and enhance support to people living with HIV.

Future Activity

"Plant" a good mood 2.0

AFRO earlier released a video about therapeutic horticulture, promoting mental well-being of fellow sisters. After that we heard from some fellow sisters that they started enjoying growing plants. Therefore, we have arranged a glass terrarium workshop especially for them. Fellow sisters can get together to make glass terrarium and share the experience on growing plants.

Date: 23 August 2021 (Monday)

Time: 10:00 – 12:00

Location: The AFRO Centre

After finishing the workshop, you can take home your own work. To comply with the pandemic prevention measures, there are only a few places available for the event. If interested, please call AFRO at 2770 1002 for enquiry or registration.

AFRO's News Reading

Street-based sex workers perform emotional labor to build customer loyalty

(UC Riverside News, 2021.07.27)

Sex workers who ply their trade on the street perform emotional labor to convert casual clients into safe, repeat customers, finds a UC Riverside-led study published in Work, Employment and Society. Though many studies have examined the role emotional labor plays in indoor sex work, researchers have often taken for granted that outdoor sex work is short-term and strictly transactional. The new study, based on interviews with 36 mostly Black transgender respondents who work several popular outdoor "strolls" in Washington, D.C., is the first to establish that street-based sex workers also invest considerable emotional effort into maintaining loyal customers. The authors suggest this emotional labor might help transgender sex workers avoid potentially violent or abusive clients in addition to providing steady income.

"Our findings suggest that the presumed experiential differences across sex work sectors may be overstated," said corresponding author Sharon Oselin, a UC Riverside associate professor of public policy and sociology, and director of the Presley Center of Crime and Justice Studies... (Read full text)

AFRO's Comment:

Sex work is about but not only about sex. Sex worker does not only provide sexual services for the clients, but also perform emotional labour and maintain relationship with the clients. Some sex workers spend time and talk with their clients, or even cook meals for them to ease their loneliness, to make them feel they are cared about. They call them, and on many occasions, do consider them "friends".