AFRO e-News (2021.03)

AFRO e-News (2021.03)

Mar 16, 2021


AFRO would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation for its continued support and the generous donation of HK$100,000. In the midst of the pandemic, all those attending the cheque presentation ceremony on 1 March were with face masks on. We are grateful to the staff for preparing the lovely props which allow us to "show" our bright smiles.

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Check Carefully When Receiving E-payment

Recently, a fellow sister found out that she did not receive the client's transfer of money after providing online sex services. After checking it again, she realised that she was cheated by a screenshot provided by the client. Although the screenshot showed the accounts of both parties and the transaction amount, the customer did not press the "confirm" button in the end. The fellow sister was still mad when talking about it, as the client had visited her twice and she considered him a regular.

E-payment is becoming more and more popular. Very probably it will happen more and more frequently between fellow sisters and their clients. For that, AFRO would like to share with fellow sisters the following... (Read more)


Herbarium Aroma Diffuser Workshop

We invited fellow sisters and their important ones to join the workshop held on 6 February. Some fellow sisters brought their families with them, and some attended with friends. Some came alone but formed a small group with volunteers and had a great time.

During the workshop, everyone stayed highly focused, to carefully select the dried flowers they like, find their perfect colour match, and in the end slowly pour the aroma oil into the bottle. Watching the aroma oil slowly filling up the bottle and gradually combining with the dried flowers is simply healing. The diffuser bottle can be placed at home. Let it emit your favourite scent and sweep away your bad mood.

Herbarium Makeup Brush Workshop

Due to the overwhelming response to the herbarium aroma diffuser workshop, we arranged another herbarium workshop (making makeup brush) for fellow sisters and their families or friends on 20 Feb, hoping that they could enjoy their time together even in a pandemic.

Everyone acted in accordance with the preventive measures and kept proper social distance, while concentrating on making their own makeup brushes. Focusing your attention on the things you are interested in can in fact relax and quiet your mind. And nothing can be more fulfilling than preparing yourself for a great day at work with an exclusive, self-made makeup brush filled with your favourite dried flowers!

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Dutch sex workers protest asking government to let them get back to work

Euronews (2021.03.03)

Sex workers in the Netherlands took part in a demonstration demanding the right to get back to work.

Other "contact professions" such as hairdressers, beauty salons and masseurs were allowed to reopen from Wednesday, but people working in the sex industry have been told they must wait.

The move to allow certain people to go back to work, which the government last week called a "risky relaxation strategy", came despite infection numbers starting to edge higher recently... (Read more)

AFRO's Comments:

Livelihoods from many people from various professions have been severely affected by COVID-19, including the ones of sex workers. The risk of infection does exist in the sex industry, so does it in some other sectors. Any compulsory shut-down or business suspension should be compensated and sex work should not be an exception.